Choosing A Public Loss Adjuster To Help Manage Your Insurance Claim
What is a Public Loss Adjuster?

Public Loss Adjusters are a nationwide insurance claims management company who cover England, Scotland and Wales. Their aim is to help homeowners and businesses with property claims. They do this by ensuring that a loss adjuster helps policyholders to receive their full entitlement when they have to submit a property claim. Public Loss Adjusters specialise in insurance claims related to fire, flood, storm, impact, theft and subsidence damage.

Generally, when you submit an insurance claim to your insurance company, they will send out a loss adjuster who will assess any damage that may have been caused. They will then report back to your insurer to make a recommendation of the costs involved to repair your property. Your insurer will then submit an offer to the policyholder.

Why Not Just Leave it to Your Insurer?

One of the main problems with this is that generally, the policy holder may know the real costs of repairs. Also, how much they should be entitled to for any other losses. This is where Public Loss Adjusters can help. Because they work independently of your insurer they can identify the real cost of repairs and losses. They can do this whilst working on behalf of the policyholder.

In other words, this type of loss adjuster will be working on your behalf to ensure that you receive your full entitlement. They offer this service because many insurance policyholders don’t know this type of help is available to the general public. In fact, you are perfectly within your rights to use take advantage of a service like this.

Many people who insure their property simply have the mindset that because they are paying for an insurance policy, they generally trust their insurer to look after them. What they may fail to grasp is that an insurance company is a still a business and they must make a profit. After all, they would not exist if they did not make any profit, would they?

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Appoint a Loss Adjusting Company to Work on Your Behalf Instead

Once you appoint Public Loss Adjusters, they will manage the claim entirely on your behalf. This will include all negotiations with your insurer. They will also thoroughly examine all the fine print on your insurance policy to ensure that they claim on everything that you are entitled to. Dependent on your policy, this may include among others, making a claim for alternative accommodation, loss of earnings, loss of rent, any contents in your property.

At this point in time, you may be asking what is in it for Public Loss adjusters? Well, they offer 2 services to choose from. First, they offer an insurance claims management only service where the policyholder can opt to take a cash settlement.

For this they charge a straight 10% (plus vat) commission from the final figure. There are no upfront costs as this fee is deducted directly from the final settlement figure. In most cases the extra amount gained in the settlement at the very least will cover the fee that Public Loss Adjusters charge.

The second and most popular option is to appoint a professional building contractor that they recommend to repair the damage caused to your property. In this case, the fees are covered by the builder instead.

Trusted and Regulated

You are in safe hands when you appoint Public Loss Adjusters to negotiate your insurance claim. They are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Also, the main directors of the company are members of CILA (The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters).

If you have a property damage …

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